Jumpsuits - Dress for Work

Jumpsuits - Dress for Work

Jumpsuits - Dress for Work

"Wear a Jumpsuit to work?, no way!", said one of my girlfriends when I brought up this topic. I was a little taken aback by her reaction, so I asked for more details on why she found the idea of wearing a jumpsuit to work so appalling. She simply said it's "70's fashion, I would look like I walked right out of a vintage magazine". 

Now, this is the interesting thing about fashion.

It changes.

It evolves.

What is good for the goose may not be good for the gander. Right?

Andra Formal Jumpsuit


Back to Jumpsuits. If you work in an office setting, and have to sit at a desk daily, you can absolutely rock a jumpsuit to work! I personally love jumpsuits that are comfortable. Most are very easy to style. 

My biggest con with jumpsuits is the same that we all know - Ladies Room! We don't want to spend time in the bathroom undressing and dressing just to go number one! But that's something to consider each time you don a jumpsuit.

Black and White Colorblock Ruffle Jumpsuit

Women's Black and White Colorblock Ruffle Jumpsuit - StyleLiz

Regardless of the con mentioned above, jumpsuits are in, they are stylish and they are here to stay... well at least for now. 

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