Benefits of Daily 'Sheet Masking'

Benefits of Daily 'Sheet Masking'

Benefits of Daily 'Sheet Masking'

It took me a while to get on the sheet mask train, simply because before K-beauty and the insurgence of Korean skincare regimen into the US market, I already had a routine nailed down to the T. And that routine involved a lot of cream and gel 'apply and rinse off' masks which I was already in love with. So, what sheet mask?. But everyone was using sheet masks, well, I mean most of my friends, they were on my instagram feed, facebook, I had to try it! But, which one?, there were so many options, so I needed to research to find the mask that would work for my skin. I was more interested in masks that promises hydration and brightening.


I picked up some of those, and proceeded to try my first sheet mask. The result?, hydrated skin! My skin loved it, and most importantly, the 20 minutes I spent on my recliner while the mask was on my face was very relaxing. I wanted to make this a nightly routine, but then I had concerns about overdoing it, and irritating my skin. But all that essence cannot possibly be bad for your skin! So I proceeded to try. 

After a week of using sheet masks daily, I noticed much more improvements in my skin, more hydrated, softer, radiant, brighter, even toned and mostly healthier looking. So, yes, sheet masking everyday is good for your skin, your dermatologist would tell you the same thing (mine did). But, there is a catch, some sheet masks might be too strong for daily use, especially if they are formulated with glycolic acid for example, or if you have sensitive skin. So, before you jump on the daily sheet masking train, it is important that you take a close look at the ingredient list of the sheet masks you want to use. 

Sheet masks that I personally have tried and love:

- SK II Brightening Derm Revival Mask

- Sephora Collection Face Mask (Rose and Pearl)

- Dr Jart+ Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask. 

Keep calm and Sheet mask!